About Us

Choice of Kings Specialist Hospital is a registered Hospital by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and certified by Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA). The hospital is established to provide tasteful, quality, premium, yet affordable healthcare to all and sundry. It is located at Road 14, Lekki Peninsula Scheme 2, Lagos State.
Our commitment to consistent provision of the best Evidenced-Based health care, delivering of Consultant Supervised home care services and our conscious efforts at bridging the gap between the various classes in the society through our health care services have been our strong points over time.
We have a team of qualified and competent Doctors, Nurses and dutiful administrative Staff who are working assiduously to ensure that qualitative and swift services are made available to our esteemed clients and patients. Since our inception, we have never ceased to upgrade our skills. One of the ways we utilized is through the training and retraining of our staff from time to time to enhance their personal development, to add values to our organizational growth and improve their skills in attending to the needs of our clients.
By divine providence, we are in partnership with reputable hospitals and healthcare providers within Nigeria and at International level to render executive services to our esteemed patients both at home and abroad. We provide first-rated consultations and surgical operations that are cost-effective and pocket friendly.
Choice of Kings Specialist Hospital offers specialist care in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery, Paediatric, Internal Medicine, IVF, and Neuro-Surgery through the expertise of proficient and versatile Consultants.
We are connected to a number of online patient platforms such as Vezeeta, Hi Doc, E-women clinic and many more.

Our Core Values


We possess a strong and enduring feeling of affection for the wellbeing of our patients. Thus, we discharge our duties with great desire for swift recovery of our patients. We are enthusiastic about what we do so much so that we are willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy the interest of our patients and clients as God enables us.


We are faithful and highly devoted to the actualization of our visions, which have become our duties and obligations towards our esteemed patients and clients as we exhibit unwavering loyalty to them. We adhere to the ethics and oaths of our profession with constancy, precision and steadfastness; therefore, we have no trust issue.


We demonstrate humanity, compassion and consideration for the health of our patients by offering patient-centered health care, which over the years, has produced positive results of quick recovery from illnesses, elimination of concernment and has built trust and intimacy among our team, patients and relatives. We give due regard to the feelings, and the rights of our patients as we attend to their needs. To us, no person is undeserving of dignity and honour. Thus, we shower love and respect on all our patients, regardless of background or social and financial status.

Our Vision

  • To provide the best Evidence-Based healthcare at all times;
  • To deliver Consultant supervised Home Care;
  • and
  • To bridge the gap between the various classes in the society through our healthcare services.


Choice of Kings Clinic Is an affiliate of Choice of Kings Specialist Hospital. It was established to provide premium medical care for all and sundry in a friendly, serene and pleasant environment. We are well equipped to provide primary and secondary healthcare with great skills and civility.

Choice of Kings Clinic shares the same Visions and Core Values with Choice of Kings Specialist Hospital, and our staff discharge their duties with these in mind. Our staff are professionals who devote themselves to offering of excellent care and are committed to the provision of first class services with high level competence. Home Service

Phone number: +234 (0) 9152943180,
Email: choiceofkingsclinic@gmail.com
Location: 1, Rasiliu Balogun Close, off Coastal road, Okun Ajah.

Home Healthcare Service

Be informed that here at Choice of Kings Specialist Hospital, we render more than Hospital-based healthcare. We have taken a step forward by providing Home-based healthcare services where you are nursed and nurtured within your house. Through this special health plan, we make residential healthcare services available to our esteemed patients in the comfort of their homes, with full compliance to covid-19 procedures. Our efficient Nurses and Doctors are on standby to attend to your health needs as soon as you make request for this plan.

To access Home Healthcare Services, there are three options: Log on to our website and click on Home Healthcare Service. State the kind of healthcare you need and when you will need it. Contact us here
An email will be sent to you requesting you to make payment.
Or Send a request for home healthcare service to choiceofkingsspecialist@gmail.com. Or simply put a call through to 09027045106

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For enquiries or consultation, feel free to contact us any time.